Department of Plans and Information Activities:

This department is responsible for reviewing the Department of Cultural and Sport Activities plans, discussing them with the societies and departments, and providing media coverage for the activities. It also supervises the Information Technology Society and Information Group.

Department of Sport Activities and Rovers:

The department is responsible for supervising and organizing various sport programs and activities to help students invest their time for their benefit. In addition, it offers them opportunities to develop their talents and practice their hobbies as well as provides students with all services that help them continue to engage in sport activities without any difficulties. Those activities are not limited to the academic year but they continue throughout the summer vacation as the university strongly believes that its mission should continue towards its students, the bearers of hope for the future.

Objectives of the Department of Sport Activities and Rovers

- Spreading sport awareness and culture at the university.

- Developing, refining, and directing the students sport talents to help them utilize their leisure time in a positive way.

- Developing the spirit of leadership and collegiality in the students through engaging them in organizing and practicing different sport activities.

- Creating good relations between students, staff and faculty members by engaging them in the same sport activities.

- Integrating new students into sport activities, introducing them to sports facilities and discovering new talents.

- Satisfying the wishes and inclinations of students through exercising freely in different sport facilities.

- Raising and encouraging the spirit of competition among the students and choosing the preeminent of them to represent the university in local and international events.

- Strengthening the relations between the different colleges of the university.

- Organizing open competitions and tournaments and arranging competitions between university colleges and administrations to extend sports practitioners among university members.

- Promoting cooperation with the Gulf universities which is a fundamental pillar to achieve the objectives of the Department based on the historical ties between the GCC countries.

- Giving attention to the employees in the Sport Activities Department and developing their administrative and technical skills to perform their duties in the best way.

- Holding symposiums and seminars to share experiences and information with local and international concerned authorities.