social activities and community service

The terms of reference of this section in respect of both sides, the first side activities of domestic housing , and the second aspect relates to supervise the student visits the campus.
 There is no doubt that student activities are an important pillar of the pillars that depend upon undergraduate students to hone talents , and different development of their talents .
Therefore, the department of social activities and community service seeks to be the domain that can emerge in which the student Mknunat energies characterized by creativity and the desire to participate and the development of his creations relate to various areas of student activities .
In order to crystallize it in some concrete has worked section to include plans for student activities on an annual basis include a variety of events axes many Kalmhor cultural and social hub and axle and religious hub of sports and entertainment , and the department overseeing the implementation depending on the period specified for each effective. And measure the impact of the targeted students in these events .
Objectives :
1) the discovery and development and the development and refinement of students' talents and employed in productive work for the benefit of the student .
2) Investment leisure time with the student .
3) provide an opportunity for personal development with social student through social work.
4) development and the development of the spirit of competition among students .
Areas of activities and events section :
1) cultural evenings and diverse entertainment .
2) lectures guidelines on aspects of religious , psychological, and academic .
3) internal competitions in the fields of culture , sports and entertainment .
4) the establishment of scientific meetings and cultural festivals and entertainment .
5 ) conduct scientific recreational trips outside the Sultanate .
6) training sessions designed to raise the level of knowledge of the student and to the development of talent .
7) coordination of the work of visits to community centers in the Sultanate .
8) coordinate the work of volunteer students in the university community and the outside community .
9 ) To coordinate the weekly market dues students for this service with the concerned authorities .

Note that the students are the dues from the following provinces :

v Dhofar
v Musandam
v Masirah Island

Groups within university housing :

The department oversees some groups within university housing , for example :

v English Club

The club aims to strengthen the English language , and I have students evaluate many important activities and continuing throughout the year , such as workshops, courses , exhibitions and festivals .

v group handicrafts

The group aims to develop the talents of the students in terms of their involvement in manual labor Palmchgullac such as copper sculpture , wood, glass painting and embroidery fabrics and art work and sculptures and other art handicrafts . The group maintains a series of educational workshops for students throughout the chapters , as well as assess the exhibition end of the second quarter and the exhibition includes the work of students , innovations in handmade arts .