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The Secretariat of the Student Advisory Council Section was established by the university dean’s resolution number (743\2015) and the department is governed by the Deanship of Student Affairs. It supervises the administrative and financial affairs of the Student Advisory Council, organizes its work through the Council's Office, follows up all issued decisions, documents correspondence and preserves them, and participates in the annual elections for the selection of members of the Council. The department seeks to provide all the information or data needed by the students in regards to the Student Advisory Council. It also coordinates the work performed by the Student Advisory Council both inside and outside the university
• Direct supervision of the administrative and financial affairs of the Council.
• Inviting members of the Council and the office of the Council to meetings, preparing their agenda, recording signed minutes of meetings and submitting them to the Secretary of the Students Advisory Council to provide The Vice Chancellor of the university, Chairman of Student Advisory Council, with them.
• Following up the implementation of the decisions of the Council's office.
• Managing and preserving the documentations of the Council in accordance with the system in force in the University.
• Receiving correspondence on behalf of the Council.
• Disbursing of expenditures in accordance with the approved decisions.
• Receiving revenues under receipts stamped with the Council 's seal in order to deposit them in the account of the item allocated in the budget.
• Providing a monthly statement of expenses and imports to the Council.
• Preparing the financial reports for the Council.
• Preserving  the financial records and documents of the Council in the headquarters of the Council.
• Doing all other assigned work which is related to the Secretariat of the Advisory Council framework.
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