Alkhaleel for Literature group :

The group was established since the university's opening in the academic year 1986/1987. It is one of the oldest student groups under the Deanship of Student Affairs supervision. It is the main representative of the student's literary activity at the university. It focuses on the development and refinement of students' talents in the fields of literary writing such as poetry and prose in order to enrich the cultural and intellectual return of the university students and enhance the cooperation and communication between the university students and the literary institutions in the Sultanate through the group participation in many activities organized by these institutions or activities holding by the group in these literary and cultural centers and bodies.

The activities and events that Alkhaleel for Literature Group participating in or holding by are not limited to literary forums on the campus and the cultural arena in the Sultanate but extend to wider areas and places through the participation in many festivals, poetry and literary gatherings in Gulf and Arab universities.


The group goals


- Encouraging students in the field of literary writing


- Providing students with literary writing skills


- Accustoming students to team work.


- Linking students to literary and cultural activities in the community


The group committees


- The Committee of Poetry

- Nabati Poetry Committee

Prose Committee

Media Committee