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The presence of multiple information and communication technology groups in a major institution such as Sultan Qaboos University has resulted in various activities. However, this has led to repetition of content and ideas, which has in turn led to undermining creativity in this evolving field. Therefore, the Information Technology Society (ITS) was created on campus for it to be a meeting point for the groups that share common objectives that are presented in different ways. However, this does not call for the cancellation of the already existing student groups in the colleges, but rather to organize the work and coordination between the groups so that the content is presented in the best way and with highest quality both on and off campus.  


The ITS is a student group that was created in 2008 and belongs to the Deanship of Student Affairs. It aims to promote the culture of information technology within the university community, organize between the technology groups to work under one administration, allow for exchange of experience between students in the field of information and communication technology as well as incubate project ideas to represent the university off campus in various events in the information technology field. The forum presents courses and workshops on the community level as well as the university level. The society features five technical groups.

  • Promote the information technology culture in society in general and the university community in particular
  • Organize between the technology groups to work under one administration
  • Allow for exchange of experience between students in the field of information and communication technology and incubate project ideas

Represent the university off campus in various events in the information technology field.

  1. Mechatronics Engineering Group
  2. Information Systems Group
  3. Computer Science Group
  4. Electrical and Computer Engineering Group
  5. Instructional and Learning Technologies Group


Mechatronics Group

Is a group started by SQU students from the College of Engineering in 2005 to support mechatronics engineering students’ practical work and skills, introduce this new major to the job market for both the local community and different organizations as well as highlight how it can change the future of Oman.

The group works to find solutions for the problems that the community suffers from in particular and the problems that face industrial organizations, which is done by encouraging students to innovate and to provide financial, moral and scientific support for their projects. Scientific support includes organizing seminars, workshops and lectures.

The group organizes exhibitions, contests and stations to introduce the major in addition to visiting educational institutions and private sector institutions to further promote the mechatronics culture and to shed light on the scientific and innovative talent in the local community.

Information Systems Group

The Information Systems Group is a group of students from the Department of Information Systems in the College of Economics and Social Sciences. It is apart of the ITS and the Business Society. The Information Systems Group was created in 2002, and just like any other group, it must have a clear vision. The group’s vision is to create a technology-conscious society, participate in the field of technology on and off campus, and leave an outstanding impression in events pertaining to the field of technology, innovation and technical design. The group also aims to come up with new technical concepts and apply them in workshops, forums and events in different ways.

Computer Science Group

This student group belongs to the Department of Computer Science in The College of Science. It was created in 1995 and originally named “The Computer Science Club”. The club’s activity significantly increased since 1995 until it was renamed “The Computer Science Group”.

The group organizes several activities and events that specialize in technology and programming at the local and regional level. It organizes events such as Oman Collegiate Programming Contest, Gulf Programming Contest, Computer Science Forum as well as internal and external workshops.

The group has always worked to instill the spirit of cooperation amongst its members and reinforce various individual and collective skills in addition to promoting the culture of technology in the society whether it be with the youth or those from different age groups who are interested in the field.

The group is also proud to be one of the active groups in the other technology communities such as the ITS and the Scientific Activity Group. It collaborates with some of the biggest companies that provide many opportunities for the members of the group as a reward for their active participation. 

Electrical and Computer Engineering Group

Is one of the leading student groups in SQU and was created in 1999. It aims to combine science and application through its various projects alongside its training workshops. The group organizes and participates in numerous scientific and recreational events such as exhibitions, international conferences, and regional and international competitions. It also implements its annual plan that focuses on:

  • Implementing several targeted projects that help to solve the engineering problems that are common in society
  • Conducting training workshops and courses specialized in the programs that students need in their electrical and computer engineering studies such as Arduino, MATLAB, Visual Basic, etc. It also has courses for the public and available for all students such as Photoshop courses.
  • Organizing and participating in different exhibitions specifically for the student projects that contribute in educating the community about the electrical and computer engineering major as well as shedding light on the students’ talents through the projects presented. 
  • Organizing scientific competitions such as robotics and programming competitions.

Instructional and Learning Technologies Group

It is a student group from the Department of Instructional and Learning Technologies in The College of Education in SQU. The group is concerned with all things technology and how to utilize it in education. It also works to develop the students’ knowledge on everything about the field. The group organizes numerous activities to disseminate knowledge of the field of technology for the university community as well as the outside community. It meets the department’s needs by offering workshops and lectures to benefit the students in their major as well as their life in general. The group, in the name of the department, encourages cooperative teamwork in subjects that contribute to improving students’ overall level. We also aim to help students through the group by equipping them with additional skills that enable them to create their own projects after graduation. The group is also a way for students to enhance their management, technical and leadership skills.

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