Islamic Culture Group:

This group belongs to the Department of Religious Guidance.

Group's objectives:

This group aims- through holding various events and activities- to achieve a lot of lofty goals such: as strengthening the spirit of cooperation, harmony and love among the students, developing their religious faith, holding religious events inside SQU, providing the appropriate environment for the students where they effectively utilize all their skills and talents, helping the students to keep in heart the Quran, and the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad, and teaching them oratory and diction.

Group's committees:

There are a number of committees that are derived from this group in order to distribute duties and obligations between the members:

  1. Coordination and follow-up committee:
  • Follows-up the reservation of halls where the events of the group will be held.
  • Organizes everything related to the events held by the group.
  • Organizes communication between the group's committees.
  1. The Cultural committee:
  • Raises students' awareness about the contemporary Islamic culture.
  • Holds useful lectures and sessions.
  • Holds discussions that focus on students-related topics.
  • Organizes cultural competitions and research competition.
  • Participates effectively in any cultural programs or events held by other groups in SQU.
  • Takes care of the cultural aspects in any trip arranged by the university.
  1. The Media committee:
  • Designs ads for the group's events and distribute them in many places around the university.
  • Cover all the events held by the group and broadcast them inside and outside the university.
  • Makes an audio-visual records for all events held by the group.
  1. The Entertainment committee:
  • Holds purposeful plays that are concerned with social matters and affairs.
  • Promotes the Islamic Nasheed (anthem) in all its aspects "lyrics, melody and performance".
  • Arranges Nasheed contests and fosters talented students.
  • Conduct Islamic choir and participates in the Annual Forum for the Islamic Culture Group.
  • Participates effectively in organizing Nasheed festivals in SQU.


Group's organizational structure:

The group's organizational structure is made of:

  • Group's supervisor.
  • Group's president.
  • Goup's vice president (male and female)
  • Committees leaders (4 males and 4 females)
  • General coordinator (male and female)
  • Group's members from both genders.


Registering in the group:

In order to become a member of this group, you have to be mentally and psychologically prepared, ready to give, ready to work in teams, and able to learn new things. You also have to be consistent about participating in the group's events and activities, and be in line with the group's interests. And finally, you need to register your name with the group's supervisor or in the electronic link for registration which can be found in the group's accounts of social media.


Group's activities:

During the academic year, the group holds many events and activities such as: organizing the Nasheed festival (which is considered one of the most significant events which the group arranges), the Islamic Culture Group's Forum, Munshed ALjame'ah contest, Quran Reciting contest, Islamic art night event, and all other cultural events and occasions. The group also displays useful cultural videos and movies.


The group's publications:

  • Zulfa magazine: This magazine is considered a major publication for the group. It is issued every semester. The articles of the magazine are written by both the students and the staff who write about different topics and about the group's activity.
  • The group also publishes leaflets and some brochures which are distributed among SQU's students.

Outdoor activities:

The group sometimes arrange activities outside SQU whether by holding events which are organized by the group itself in different institutions, or by partcipating in some events organized by other parties. The group's members also helps hand-in-hand with other group's members to represent the university in various external events.

The group's supervisor: Mohammed AL-Sabaei . Contact No. 24141582