Media Group

This group belongs to the Department of Cultural and Sport Activities. It offers the opportunity for those students who desire to work in media apart from the courses offered in their curriculum. They can show their skills in media and develop them through a number of theoretical and practical lectures offered by the group.

This group has played an important role in the last period by covering all the events and activities held in SQU and publishing about them whether in daily newspapers or in the university issues.




Group's objectives:

  • Foster talented students in media and help them to discover their skills in this field.
  • To encourage student to use scientific research to get information from reliable sources.
  • To install the values of leadership in the students and to open new prospects in the field of media.
  • To connect the group's members with the society.
  • To raise students' awareness of the importance of media as a method of mass communication.
  • To introduce the society of the university to the outside society by covering the university's events and occasions and publish about them.