Music group:

It was established in 1986. It is considered one of the oldest groups in the Deanship. In many cases, this group works hand-in-hand with other groups in various events. The group either helps with the event's organization or with managing the event's music and technical matters. The group gained a huge fame inside and outside SQU immediately after it was launched.


Group's objectives:

  • To instil a sense of patriotism and support the precious traditional arts.
  • To boast and honor the Arabian musical heritage and connect it with the world's musical heritage.
  • To create an intellectual figures who seek to acquire more knowledge about the world around them.
  • To foster the aesthetic sensibility and the sense of beauty so that students could feel and enjoy all beauty and creativity around them.
  • To discover musically talented students, adopt them and try to improve their skills.
  • To hold events and activities related to music which aims to show all those who has unique musical talents and motivate them to keep practicing and learning.