SQU's Rovers Group:

The rovers is considered the last level of the scouting program in Oman. The previous three levels are: the cubs, the explorer, and the advanced explorer. This level is for young people over 18 years old; the strongest and most productive period in people's lives. In this period, young people learn to handle responsibilities and go forward to the practical life.

SQU rovers is considered to be the first scouting clans in Oman. It was established in 1990 to be the mother clan in the Sultanate. The group follows an educational methodology that includes eight areas (religus education, cultural and intellectual education, social education, health and fitness education, social development and service, arts and skills, and scouting traditions)


Group's objectives:

The group aims to prepare young people educationally in order to structure their personalities by:

  • Adhering to the true Islamic religion.
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging to the society by realizing and meeting its need.
  • Fulfilling the students' psychological, social and cultural needs.
  • Raising students' awareness, broadening their knowledge, and increasing their cultural knowledge.
  • Acquiring the values and the manners of the scouting law.
  • attaining good health and fitness.
  • Motivating students' personalities and helping the to obtain basic life skills.
  • Serving the community.