Library E-Databases
  • OSIRIS Academic
OSIRIS Academic


    • OSIRIS provides Financial information on 65,000 listed and major unlisted/delisted companies worldwide (51,000 are non-US companies). The information includes: standardised and "as reported" financials (including restated reports), SEC filings, detailed earnings estimates including recommendations, ownership, stock data, news and ratings.


    • CountryData

    1984- Current

      • Country Data offers political, economic, financial, and social data for over 140 countries. Country Data is also the only source for current and historical risk ratings for both the International Country Risk Guide and Political Risk Services rating systems.


      • Bank Scope (ORBIS Bank Focus)
      Bank Scope (ORBIS Bank Focus)


        • Bankscope combines widely-sourced data with flexible software for searching and analysing banks. It contains comprehensive information on banks across the globe. You can use it to research individual banks and find banks with specific profiles and analysis them.