Training / Visit Request

Training / Workshop

The Main Library conducts different courses and workshops on information skills for students, employees , faculty at SQU, and people from outside of the university .These workshops include search skills on electronic resources and Google Scholar. Such workshops are effective and rich with information which benefits researchers and those interested in scientific research.

Library Visit 

Library visits are arranged by the public relations department or deanship of student affairs at SQU. The visit program includes an introduction to the library's collections "print & electronic", services and layout of the library building. 

To book a training/ visit request to the main library, please fill out the form below and follow these instructions:

- Requests must be submitted 1 week in advance.
- Students must be accompanied by a faculty member.
- Number of students normally should not exceed 25 at a time.

For further information, please contact Electronic Information Resources Department. Ext 5614,