Print, Copy & Scan(Main Library)

Print, Copy and Scan
There are (11) printing, copying and scanning machines at the main library distributed as following:


printing machines (Black & Colour)
 Floor  Number  Location
Male   Female
 Ground floor  2  1  1
 copying machines
 Floor  Number  Location
 Male   Female
 Ground floor  3  1  2
 Third floor  1  0  1
Roof floor   3  1  2
 scanning machines
  Floor   Number  Location
 Male  Female
 Ground floor  2  1

How to get anew card?

  • To get a prepaid card you have to insert ( OR. 1.000 or two categories of .500 bz) and you will be gotten 30 copies at the first time.
  • In the next use you will always be gotten 50 copies for ( OR. 1.000) only.

How to recharge your card?

  • Insert your card into the machine. 
  • Insert (OR 1.000 or two categories of .500 bz) to get 50 copies and your card can be recharged via the same machine and price for additional copies.


  • The money must be Omani currency.
  • For any assistance, please call: 94108019- 95186274