Print, Copy & Scan (Main Library)

Print, Copy and Scan
There are (11) printing, copying and scanning machines at the main library distributed as following:

printing machines (Black & Colour)
Floor Number Location
Male Female
Ground floor 2 1 1
copying machines
Floor Number Location
Male Female
Ground floor 3 1 2
Roof floor  3 1 2
 scanning machines
Floor Number Location
Male Female
Ground floor 2 1 1

How to get anew card?

  • To get a prepaid card you have to insert (1.000 OR. or two categories of 500 bz.) and you will be gotten 50 copies at the first time.
  • In the next use you will always be gotten 50 copies for (1.000 OR.) only.

How to recharge your card?

  • Insert your card into the machine. 
  • Insert (1.000 OR. or two categories of .500 bz) to get 50 copies and your card can be recharged via the same machine and price for additional copies.


  • The money must be Omani currency.
  • For any assistance, please call: 94108019- 95186274
Terms of Reproduction in Main Library

What is Reproduction?

Making one or more copies of a work, performance, or sound recording by any means and in any form, including permanent or temporary electronic storage, printing and photocopying of a work or sound recording.

All library information resources are protected by Oman Law for the Protection of Copyrights and Neighboring Right (2008). Use of these resources is also subject to the terms of licenses agreed between the library and the publishers. 

Library users are permitted to copy, print, scan, download or save for educational, research or personal purposes, in line with the limits and conditions set out below:

  • Up to 10% or one chapter (whichever is greater) of a book or thesis, plus any associated endnotes or references.
  • One article from each issue of a journal or a periodical.
  • Up to 10 pages of a poem, short story, or other short literary work.
  • Up to 10% (maximum 20 pages) of a short book, report or pamphlet.

Library information resources must not be used for commercial purposes or resold in any way. 

It is prohibited to reproduce a whole book or a whole thesis or a whole journal issues.  

It is prohibited to do systematic or automatic downloading, printing or saving of electronic resources by use of specific software. 

It is prohibited to enable or share your own username and password or University ID with other people. 

It is prohibited to do any work or use any techniques that will invalidate the techniques used to protect the system in the library, including encryption or passwords.

It is prohibited to remove or alter any copyright management information, including the title, the author name and other information identifying the work. 

It is prohibited to distribute or post library resources to websites or social networks.