College of Education Library

Edu lib

Library Vision Mission and Values
  • Vision:

The Library aspires to excel and provide the best services to the College community.

  • Library Mission:

Provision of high quality print and electronic information resources for academic instruction, and support to the educational process and research needs through collecting, organizing, arranging and facilitating access to information resources.

  • Objectives:
  1. Build and develop information groups to ensure the provision of resources necessary and appropriate to carry out the College community tasks in research and learning.
  2. Organize these groups, including their classification and indexing and other operations, to ensure their setting, preservation, analysis, indexing and maintenance
  3. Provide reference services and information retrieval including professional directions/assistance to the users of the Library; and guide these users to the optimum utilization of the available groups.
  4. Cooperate and coordinate with other libraries inside and outside the university to gain access to information resources necessary to the users; and participate in local, national, regional and international information networks.
  5. Provide students and researchers with basic library culture to enable them to access the Library's sets and information containers optimally.
  6. Develop office work, and improve performance in professional, promotional and documentation fields.