Information Services

It is well known that in order for libraries to meet the needs of users, they provide appropriate services to be of use for the users. Thus, the library strives to provide various services to meet the needs of its users and the main services are as follows:


Is the most important service provided by the library. The borrowing policy of the library allows borrowing different materials, but the borrowing of certain materials might be only for few hours as they are not allowed to be taken out of the library such as references and governmental documents.

References Service

The library also provides references services (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries) and others. This is also a very important service as it gives the newest and most important information.

Continuous Informing Service

This is one of the newest services that the library must have as it informs and updates the library users (Faculty members) with new arrivals in the library. The library updates the users with lists of newly arrived books based on demand. These books are on high demand as they are new and not read before.

Guiding and Training Service

It is part of the referencing service. When a student asks for the location of a reference and how it could be obtained, the librarian helps the student in getting to that reference as well as training other students from the department of information studies.

Periodicals Services

The library provides this service but not very efficiently as it does not have membership with social sciences periodicals and only gets some periodicals from the Dean’s office or the main library.