Library Services

Circulation Service: 

Library users can read and view the resources inside the library, or they can borrow them.

  • Circulation is available for:
    1- SQU faculty members.
    2- SQU staff. 
    3- SQU postgraduate students.
    4- SQU students.
    5- Researchers from outside SQU.
  • Circulation rules:
    1- The user should present his/her university ID.
    2- The user (whether faculty member, staff member, students or researcher from outside the university) can borrow up to five books only.
    3- The duration of borrowing is one week for all users. It can be renewed twice if the borrowed materials are not preserved by another user.
    4- It is not allowed, for all users, to borrow theses, manuscripts, references, and governmental publications.
    5- If a user has unpaid fines, he\she will not be allowed to borrow more books until the payment is made.
    6- Any user will be fined 200 Baisa for each additional day after the due returning date of each book respectively.
    7- The user should return the borrowed materials to the Omani Studies Center library NOT any other library in SQU.

Reference Service: 

It is a service of responding to users inquiries regarding information, data, or request to access electronic resources. Users can deliver their inquiries through personal visits to the library, or via calling the library on (+968) 24145868, or by using the form below.

(The data of the forum to be sent to )

Current Awareness Service:
This service aims to inform the users about the new material. Users can find the new material in a dedicated place in the library or can view them in the library website.

Photocopying Service:

There are two photocopying machines in the library for users. This service is not free of charge. Users need to purchase a special card first. There are two scanners as well for digital scanning.

Computers and Wireless:

There is a computer lab in the library, which has 16 computers and wireless network in all library premises, which allows users to use their personal laptops to access the digital library directory. There are two wireless networks:

  • (SQU_WLAN): for SQU faculty, staff and students. They can use their SQU username and password. 
  • (VISITORS): This network is for the visitors. Visitors can ask the librarian for a temporary username and password to start using this network. 

Users can follow the instructions on how to activate the network from here:

Introductory Tours:

The library offers tours for students and visitors from outside the university to introduce them to the library, its services, halls, books collections the method of using the library catalog to look up for sources.
It is worth mentioning that the library welcomes visitors from various organizations and institutions from inside and outside the Sultanate; in coordination with the Public Relations and Information Department, the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Office of International Cooperation, or directly contacting the administration of Omani Studies Center.

Researcher room reservation:

There are (8) private rooms for researchers in the library. A user can book the room from the Reference Service section. The librarian shall keep the ID/university card until the user leaves the room and return the room key, after which he\she can collect his/her ID / university card.

Rules of reserving researcher rooms:

  • Reserving ID/university card.
  •  Booking the rooms is available during library working hours only.
  •  Do not leave any personal belongings in the rooms after returning the key. The library is not responsible for any lost items after returning the key.
  •  Eating and drinking inside the rooms is not allowed.
  •  Keep the room clean after use.
  • Return the room key immediately after using the room.