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Library Mission Vision and Objectives
  • Overview

Sultan Qaboos University Medical Library is the leading health sciences library in the Sultanate of Oman. It maintains a substantial collection of current and retrospective Medical literature in various media to support the academic programmes of the College of Medicine, University Hospital and Health Care Community in the Sultanate.

The library established in 1986 is beautifully located in an independent 2-storey building adjacent to the College of Medicine, the Hospital, Faculty Club and the Administration Block of the University. It has the capacity of accommodating 350 seats, 194 study carrels and 16 cubicles for individual study.


  • Vision

The medical library aspires to provide the highest standard and diversified services to support the education and research program of the college of medicine and health sciences, college of nursing and SQU hospital.


  • Mission

The library from a strategic, intellectual environment for learning, research and problem solving in the academic community it serves a range of scholarship through the selection organization retrieval, interpretation and conservation of intellectual resources library personnel serve as information teachers and biographic consultants. For facility, staff and students on a one-to-one basis it also extend its services well beyond the campus to other care libraries and ministry of health physicians.


  • Objectives

    1. To develop a comprehensive collection policy on current and retrospective medical literature.
    2. To provide access to information in any format (print and electronic from) to support the curricula and research needs of the college of medicine and health sciences and the university hospital ,college of nursing
    3. As primary information provider, it serves as leader in procuring, evaluating and applying technology for managing and providing information.
    4. It provides support for personnel training and development within the scope of the changing technological environment.