Renew a Book - My Account

My Library Account allows SQU students, staff and faculty to login to the library account to gain access to library services.


You can access to the library account from the library website

  1. Go to the link here.
  2. Select "SQU USERS ACCESS".
  3. Enter your SQU e-mail and password:
  4. Click on "My Account".
  5. With My Account you can do the following:
  • Track borrowed items.
  • Due dates.
  • Library fines.
  • Saved searches.
  • Renew items:
  1. You can do the following:
    • Renew selected items, or
    • Renew all
  2. Click on RENEW ITEMS then RENEW.
  3. After renew selected items the system will show you the new due date.