Renew a Book - My Account
My Library Account allows you to login to various Library Systems to track borrowed items and due dates, renew items, library fines and track requests.
 Only SQU students, staff and faculty can login to the library account to gain access to library services, To login to the library account use:

 Library Catalogue System My Account - log in to renew books, change PIN, check recalls, track fines, etc.

You can access to the library account from the library website

1.    Go to the Sultan Qaboos University website, then select "libraries"

2.    Then select " search libraries catalog" from the library website:

3.    Enter your SQU username and password.




4.    Click on my Account  



5.    With My Account you can do the following:

Renew items:

1.    Click on Renew My Materials

2.    You do the following:

    - Renew selected items, or

    - Renew all

    Then click "renew selected items "

    After renew selected items the system will show you the new due date.