Government Publications

These are Official Government Publications

Available to Everyone

Contains numerous editions with a religious and jurisprudential nature.


Annual publication addressing children's rights and human rights, including political, social, economic, and cultural aspects

 Collection of publications addressing educational and instructional issues

Guides and annual reports on the workforce in Oman, both Omani and non-Omani, males and females.

Yearly report focusing on telecommunications, its regulation, and the companies providing those services.

The tourism sector in the Sultanate regulates both the management of tourism and the preservation of Omani tangible and intangible heritage.

 Statistics of university students in various governmental and private higher education institutions in the Sultanate, and highlighting the most important scientific innovations .

Addresses aspects of social development in the Sultanate, including pensions, disabilities, and Omani women.

Regulates the exploitation and investment of agricultural and fisheries wealth in the Sultanate, as well as diseases that may affect them and how to combat them.

Addresses the sports and cultural aspects in the Sultanate

Monthly magazine covering news about the Sultan's Armed Forces and some military-related topics.

Publications that focus on the economic and financial aspects in the Sultanate