Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Hamad Mohamed Salim Al-Azri

Director, Main Library

Sultan Qaboos University

Library Director's Message

The Main Library at Sultan Qaboos University has been dedicated to supporting the educational process and scientific research since its establishment in 1986. We strive to provide high-quality scientific resources, organizing them professionally to facilitate retrieval. In 2000, we began offering electronic information sources, culminating in an integrated digital library covering various disciplines and academic programs, accessible anytime and anywhere.

A primary focus is enhancing the information literacy skills of university affiliates, enabling access and critical analysis of diverse information sources. Moreover, we understand the significance of fostering a conducive environment for learning and research. The library moved to a new building in 2009, boasting modern technological amenities and a comfortable reading space, enriching the environment for knowledge exploration. Additionally, our services extend beyond university affiliates to the wider community. We offer professional consultations, establish information exchange agreements, and implement specialized training programs.

Over time, the library has maintained a commitment to excellence, continually reviewing and updating policies, collections, and procedures to ensure quality and meet the evolving informational needs of our users. We remain steadfast in our mission to support the educational process and enhance scientific research both within and beyond our university.