International Students

Why choose SQU?

Sultan Qaboos University is the oldest and most prestigious university in Oman, established in 1980. SQU takes special pride in the fact that it only enrolls students who have the highest grades from the high schools in Oman. The University now provides education to over 15,228 undergraduate and 1613 postgraduate students. It offers 75 bachelor programmes and 98 postgraduate programmes (32 doctoral and 66 masters) and these are provided through nine colleges and a teaching hospital. The academic programmes are regularly reviewed to maintain international standards and they are restructured to ensure that they are aligned with the needs of the society. SQU enjoys an excellent reputation at both national and international levels. As part of the national accreditation programme, SQU was granted institutional accreditation by the Oman Academic Accreditation Agency (OAAA) in April 2019. Moreover, according to the benchmarking of the Omani institutions by SciVal, Sultan Qaboos University stands out in Oman in terms of scholarly output.

SQU has a unique and beautiful campus. The campus infrastructure includes a wide range of convenient and readily accessible amenities for its students, faculty and staff. These include well equipped sports and recreational facilities, food and grocery outlets, restaurants, stationers, a travel agency, a bakery, photocopying facilities, post office, a full-fledged branch of Bank Muscat and comprehensive health services. The safety and wellbeing of visitors and residents in the University are comprehensively provided for by two separate units, which are the Royal Oman Police and the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance.



Why choose CEPS?

The College of Economics and Political Science (CEPS) is one of the nine Colleges at SQU. The CEPS currently offers two main undergraduate and five postgraduate programmes. The two undergraduate programmes offered at the CEPS are business and political science. The Political Science Programme currently offers a single B.Sc. degree in Political Science, whereas the Business Programme offers B.Sc. degrees across eight different majors, including Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Operations Management and Business Statistics. The CEPS follows a four-year undergraduate degree Programme with 123 credit hours of study. Master’s programmes require 30 credit hours of study and/or research except for the MBA programme, which requires 36 credit hours. The College currently offers a part-time and full-time MBA, an MA in International Relations and Security Studies (IRSS), an M.Sc. in Information Systems, an M.Sc. in Operations and Supply Chain Management and a PhD in Information Systems. Recently, an M.Sc. in Accounting and Finance and a PhD programme in Management have been approved by the University Council and they are expected to receive the first intake in September 2022 and September 2021, respectively. Currently, there are 2462 undergraduate and 170 postgraduate students enrolled in CEPS, taught by 85 highly qualified core and 20 adjunct faculty.

From the outset, the CEPS was specifically designed as a business school in alignment with international business education standards. Since its foundation the CEPS has followed this international focus in its operations. Today, nearly 50 per cent of the CEPS faculty, who serve the College and its students, come from over 19 countries worldwide.

The CEPS is the only business school in Oman that enjoys an excellent reputation at both national and international levels. The CEPS is the leader in Business and Political Science education in Oman and it is distinguished by its national and international rankings. Nationally, the CEPS clearly stands out in terms of scholarly output in the areas of Business, Management and Accounting as per the benchmarking of Omani universities by SciVal. The CEPS also takes special pride in the fact that, in 2018, it was the first public university in the Arab world to achieve the prestigious EQUIS accreditation.