Student Voice

CEPS students are involved in the decision making and quality assurance. There are formal channels and established mechanisms to ensure students’ participation in the affairs of the College through the Student-Staff Liaison Committees and the student representations in the College and department board meetings.

Students’ representatives in the Department/ College Student-Staff Liaison Committees may communicate suggestions and grievances to the appropriate HoD or to the Dean. In addition, after completing their first engagement with the industry, students have the opportunity to suggest improvements on existing courses or the introduction of new courses or changes to programmes.

Elected Student Representatives in the College Board Meetings for the Academic Year 2020/2021


Student Name



Abdullah Al Harthi 


Abeer Al Muqaimi



College Student-Staff Liaison Committee



  • Dr. Al Mukhtar Al Abri, Dean of the College (Chairman of the Committee)
  • Dr. Hidaya Al-Lawati, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies

​​​​​​​Faculty members:

  • Dr. Marwa Al Hinai, MRKT
  • Dr. Saranjam Baig, POLS
  • Dr. Alia Al-Fori, ECON/FINS
  • Dr. Amira Al Amri OMBS
  • Dr. Misida Al-Jahwari MNGT
  • Saif Al Shidi, ,ACCT

Student Representative:

  • Muzna Al Busaidi OMBS
  • Omar Al Hashmi OMBS
  • Ali  Al Shehhi , MRKT
  • Mohammed Al Riyami, MRKT
  • Nemariq al Hashmi, MRKT
  • Aisha Al Busaidi, POLS
  • Ali Al Kalbani POLS
  • Maha Al Sinaidi MNGT
  • Naif Khalid Al Abri MNGT
  • Maryam Al Riyami ECON& FINA
  • Al Julanda Al Maghadari ECON& FINA
  • Yaqoob Al Shaaili , ACCT
  • Samiya Al Habsi , ACCT