Student Support

Student Affairs Officer

As part of the CEPS concern for student welfare, the College provides active, day to day support through the Student Affairs Officer (SAO) in the ADUS office. The main responsibility of the SAO is to help students overcome any difficulties they are experiencing with course registration and general academic issues. The SAO also works closely with course coordinators, faculty academic advisors, the Deanship of Admissions and Registration, the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Student Counselling Centre and other university authorities to help students solve their various problems.


Student Counselling Centre

Through the Student Counselling Centre (SCC), CEPS students can access a comprehensive programme of support services to help them adjust to the demands of the University environment. The SCC also assists in their personal development, particularly in fostering self-awareness and problem-solving techniques and skills. The centre also provides CEPS students with individual and group counselling, psychological consultations, workshops and specialised training courses. The SCC has specialised staff who are able to provide the required services necessary for students to cope with and overcome challenges in their academic and personal lives.

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Centre for Career Guidance

All CEPS students are supported and guided in choosing the appropriate major for their aptitude and future career plans by the Major Fairs that are organised by the Centre for Career Guidance (CCG) in cooperation with CEPS. CEPS also coordinates directly with the SCC and the CCG in encouraging students to take advantage of advertised training programmes, lectures and workshops organised by the CCG and conducted in CEPS. the CCG helps prepare current students and new graduates to plan their career pathways and identify how they can be referred for a job through the Career Awareness Programme (CAP)

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Centre of Independent Learning

Students are also supported by the Centre of Independent Learning (CIL) at SQU, which offers a wide variety of academic skills-building services. For example, the CIL provides the Study Skills Oasis platform to help undergraduate students to obtain the skills needed for higher education. Several workshops, motion graphics, and printed infographics are provided. The Centre has also initiated Academic Lounges to help students with difficulties in different subjects. There are scheduled sessions for subjects in which students may face difficulty, such as language, mathematics and IT. The student may attend the scheduled session and discuss the difficulties he/she faces where volunteer senior students and/or lecturers may conduct a special tutorial as per the student’s need. CEPS is currently seeking further collaboration with the CIL to tailor academic services and provide such services directly in the College with the help of faculty in support of all CEPS students. 

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