» Library Mission  

Library of College of Economics & Political Science at Sultan Qaboos University is educational and research based establishment specializing in the fields of accounting, business administration, economy and insurance through assisting the programs and curriculum and advance training in these streams. Also by exploring on knowledge resources and advance cultures to feed the society with skilled manpower fulfilling the job marked. The library functions on providing the assistive resource for support the scientific research and post study education for students on continuous study within the campus and the whole country and this carried out by in the framework of commitment towards the knowledge based ethics well known among the public.

» Vision of the Library

The Library works towards achieving the excellent and being pioneer in performance to take its place as scientific referral body through implementing elements of quality in the fields of education and culture also providing the specialized scientific resources with high in quality worldwide and coping with advancements in the specialized fields, local developments, regional development as well as international development in business administration. 

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من قرأ صغيرا ً شـب ّ قديراً

Who read in childhood, grown up wiseman


Program Mission:

Library program for Society consists of packaged activities and functions within and outside CEPS library aimed for school, child care organization and summer centers. The objective is to educate the passion of reading and raise the student's capability in self-education and transforming the student from knowledge consumer to knowledge producer as well as encouraging them visiting libraries and respect of intellectual outcomes for authors, publishers and inventors, also teaching the student good social habits through cooperation, respect of rules & regulations, instructions, and fulfillment of such habits and procuring basic skills using the libraries so that we graduate generations of educated and responsible people.  

The program carrying the logo of “Who read in childhood, grown up Wiseman" the program provides snacks, lunch and dinner meals for all participants

» Workshop on Library for Society

The program designed for 6th grade students and includes 5 activities with the library as following:

» (8.30am to 10.00 am (teaching session + library activity)

The program starts with teaching session inside the library, the curriculum explains to students the importance of authoring and type of libraries. Why we read, where I find the title, how do we I know the name of author, how to choose the book which suits my research subject, in this activity one of students is asked to go to self and do a search using name of author, name of publisher and international ID in addition to information given in the book and the way to ask for assistant from the librarian, this activity is real time simulation of daily work at the library. 

» 10.00AM to 10.30AM (Breakfast Break)

All participants gather in the circulation inner department to have breakfast snacks provided by the library for students and accompanying staff including the bus driver.  

» 10.30AM to 11.15AM (I make by my hands)

This activity explains to students how to make books and transform great ideas to books can be read. In this activity students make book starting from gathering papers, binding, sewing and finishing the covers.

For the last activity of the workshop, the school has the right to choose between any two activities.

» 11.15AM to 12.00PM (I draw my library)

In this activity, students asked to draw any corners of the library such as shelves, circulation department or library entrance, the aim of this is to draw a picture of the library in the students mindset since concentrating on drawing the library for half an hour helps having a picture in the brain of students. The best student with drawing get nice gift.  

» 11.15AM to 12.00PM (Ann Shirley)

In this activity a carton film is show to students about 8 minutes titles "More of Books" the film cut edited from Ann Shirley serials episode no. 16, the episode tells about a teacher called Henderson who wants to establish a library for the class to encourage her students reading books, the students have to watch the movie and answer few questions 

At the end of the program gifts and certificates will be given to all participating students.