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Publishing in Humanities journals

05 Oct, 2022 — 05 Oct, 2022 (UTC+04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat   
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Speakers: Emma Grylls & George Cooper, Portfolio Managers
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Publishing is an integral element of the researcher process with most academics required to publish at least once in their professional career. Researchers must also navigate a publishing landscape that is constantly evolving.
This session is designed for early career researchers who have little to no publishing experience, looking to publish with a journal from within the Arts & Humanities. It will provide a basic overview of the current state of academic publishing to enable a better understanding of the process.
The session will cover what to consider when choosing where to publish, open access, preparing your manuscript for publication, the peer review process and how to respond to reviewer reports, top reasons for rejection, and how to promote your work.

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    05 Oct, 2022 — 05 Oct, 2022
    (UTC+04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat