Library Orientation Toolbox (Main Library)

1. About the library

Know more about the Main Library. 

2. Library hours 

If you want to learn more about our Collections and services come in and see available resources.






3. Copy, print , scan
To start using this service, read more about the Prepaid Printing & Copying services.


4. Library collection location
Books are shelved according to the Library of Congress classification System.




5.Find books 
Finding out whether the library has a book is quick and easy.

6. How to search in the library catalog
Library catalog will help you  find any Printed Materials in short time.






7. How to use an encyclopedia 
Are you beginning  to research  a topic new or unfamiliar to you? If so, this is an excellent way to begin by consultingan encyclopedia.

8. Ask a librarian 

Friendly and quick assistance is available. Ask for help finding information and Navigating through  the library’s extensive resources.

                        Library mission

                Copy, print and scan page

                  Explore library collection

                   Go to the guide page 

               How to use library catalog

                       Go to seek help