Reserve a Study Room (Main Library)


The library has twenty single study room and four discussion study room available for SQU postgraduate students and faculty.


How to reserve a study room?

You can book a study room for one day only by visiting the reference service desk on the ground floor. You have to bring your University ID to get a key. Please return the key half an hour before closing the library.

Using the room:

  • Please do not leave personal belonging in the rooms. The library is not responsible for the loss of personal items.
  • Reserve study rooms are only available during library opening hours.
  • It is not allowed to eat, drink( expect water) and smoke inside the room.
  • Please don’t throw waste and clean the room before you leave.

 Male rooms                                   

First floor

Type of room  Room No. 
 Single room  3
 Single room  4
 Single room  5
 Single room  6
 Discussion room  14


Second floor

Type of room  Room No. 
 Single room  15
Single room 16
 Single room  17
 Single room 18
 Single room 19 
 Single room 20 
 Discussion room  21

Female rooms                                   

First floor 

Type of room  Room No. 
 Single room 7
 Single room 8
 Single room  9
 Single room 10
 Single room 11
 Discussion room 31 


Second floor

Type of room  Room No. 
 Single room 22
 Single room 23
 Single room  24
 Single room 25
 Single room  26