About the library

The Library of College of Economics & Political Science opened timely with the official inauguration of the college in November 1993. CEPS library is part of the college which taken the CEPS community service as its first mission and the core objective of its establishment, library consists of cultural organization as well as research base specializing in various major such as Accounting, Business Communication, Economics & Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, Operation Management & Business Statistics, Management and Political Science. It supports academic programs, teaching curriculums and training sessions of CEPS by interacting with information resources and advance knowledge locally and internationally to feed the society with skilled human resources to fulfill the job market on the following basis:

1.    Raise the level of knowledge of users by providing them with books and references in all fields related to their majors.

2.    Providing books & references for users in order to help them with preparation of reports and study materials.

3.    Organizing library materials by using technologies which help in easing the use of these materials.

4.    Providing best services for readers and researcher.

5.    Cooperation with libraries and information centers locally and abroad to exchange information and expertise.

Providing suitable atmosphere for reading and academic research.


To be internationally recognised for excellence in business and political science education, research and contributions to socio-economic development.


   To provide a learning and research environment benchmarked to international business and political science standards and engage in national and international strategic partnerships in order to contribute to national development.

Circulation Policy:

Group of user including:

  • All faculty member of the university
  • All staff member of the university
  • All students of postgraduate studies of the university
  • All undergraduate students of the university


Number of Books


Book delay fine per day



One month

200 Biasa



One month

200 Baisa

Post-Graduate Students


One month

100 Baisa

Under-Graduate Students


One month

100 Baisa