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Global and Gulf Health occasions

Health Day Name Health Day Start Date
Gulf Patient's Rights Day  1 February
World Cancer Day  4 February
World Glaucoma Week (Blue Water)  8-15 March
Gulf Traffic Week 10-15 March
World Kidney Day 12 March
World Down Syndrome Day 21 March
World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 24 March
World Autism Awareness Day  2 April
World Health Day  7 April
World Immunization Week  24-30 April
World Malaria Day 25 April
World Asthma Day  5 May
World Thalassemia Day  8 May
International Nursing Day  12 May
World Family Day  15 May
World Hypertension Day  17 May
World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day  27 May
World No Tobacco Day  31 May
World Environment Day  5 June
World Blood Donor Day 14 June
World Sickle Cell Day 19 June
International Day to against Drugs  26 June
World Population Day 11 July
World Hepatitis Day  28 July
World Breastfeeding Week  1-7 August
Cardiology Day September
World Suicide Prevention Day 10 September
International Day of cleanliness 15 September
World Alzheimer's Day 21 September
World Pharmacist Day 25 September
World Heart Day 29 September
Breast Cancer Awareness Month October
Breast Cancer Awareness Month October
Birth Spacing Awareness Month October
World day of the Elderly 1 October
World Sight Day 8 October
World Mental Health Day  10 October
World Arthritis Day 12 October
World Food Day 16 October
International Day for Eradication of Poverty  17 October
World Osteoporosis Day 20 October
World Stroke Day 29 October
Lung Cancer Awareness Month November
International Day of Radiology   8 November
World Diabetes Day 14 November
World prematurity Day 17 November
  World Children's Day 20 November
World Day to Combat Violence Against Women 25 November
World Anti-Obesity Day 26 November
World Quality Day Every second Thursday of   November
World AIDS Day 1 December
International Day of People  with Disabilities 3 December
International Volunteer Day 5 December
International Day of Human Rights 10 December

Supporting authorities for SQUH Patients

The Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, represented by the Patient Services Directorate, is one of the leading institutions in building community partnerships with various government and private sectors to provide services for patients.
This partnership started with the hospital opening and has been effectively and officially organized in 2017 to serve patients and their families. Since then, several meetings have been held with these authority representatives to discuss cooperation mechanisms and goals which will serve the public interest.

Community Partners
1. Al Rahma Association
2. Ihsaan Association
3. Dar Al Atta'a Association
4. Nursing Team
5. Sanubader Team
6. Al Jisr Foundation
7. Sheikh Saeed bin Naseer al-Hashar Charitable Trust
8. Omani Women Society, A'Seeb
9. Suhail Bahwan Charity