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The Departments of Medical Records is one of the most important departments at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH). Its main goal is to create and maintain systems which support healthcare providers, public studies, financial organisations and, most important of all, the needs of the patient. SQUH currently using an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) for all patients, using the TrakCare system, which is part of the new Hospital Information System used in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.


The Vision of Medical Records Department is to be a nationally recognized leader in Health Information. It will use advanced Health Information Technology deliver high Quality Patient Information to all, and work to be first paperless Medical Record in the region.



MRD Mission is to provide:

  • Efficient, timely, equitable, and patient-centered information.
  • Meet the health Care needs and expectation of our community by continually improving the quality of services.
  • Supporting educational program by the use of advanced health information management and technology


Medical Records Department Services

Admission & Registration Section
This is the largest section, employing the clerks and receptionists of all clinics, including the Outpatient, Oral Health, Family Medicine & Public Health and Student Clinics. The registration of patients in the Emergency Medicine Department is important as it is a crucial area in SQUH which operates 24 hours a day.

Processing & Assembling Section
This section ensures that all records have a complete documents and all other notes and reports which are not entered directly into the new electronic patient records system, such as consent forms, is scanned for inclusion. In addition, they ensure that all referrals and requests for appointments which received by fax or directly, are sorted out, registered and sent to the concerned clinic for screening and do the need full for them. All records are assembled in an orderly and timely manner and signed in on the system.

Coding Section
This section analyses all inpatient discharge records and assigns a numeric code to diagnostic data based on the International Classification of Diseases systems, ICD-10 and ICD-9-CM, for procedures.

Statistics Section
This section prepares statistics for the SQUH administration and departments as well as outside agencies such as the Ministry of Health (MOH). It also provides health information for physicians, nurses and students for medical research purposes.

Births & Deaths Section
This section issues the electronic birth and death notifications in both Arabic and English. The General Directorate of Civil Status of the Royal Oman Police issues the official certificates. Starting June 2018, a direct internet connection between MOH, SQUH and The Directorate of Civil Status was established, for registering and reporting. Now the relatives can go directly to the nearest civil status department and collect the required birth or death certificate.

Filing & Retrieval Section
This section retrieves records for treatment and provides services for medical students, doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff who need to perform retrospective research or studies.