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About Medical Supplies Directorate

The Medical Supplies Directorate is one of the key department in SQUH that provide clinics, wards and other departments with all necessary consumables in coordination with other concerned departments such as procurement and finance. Medical Supplies Directorate incorporate different sections each as per the type and classification of items stocked in each section as well as type of processes and responsibilities involved, these include:-

  1. Pharmaceuticals inventory management Section.
  2. Medical & surgical inventory management Section.
  3. Laboratory items inventory management section.
  4. Linen items inventory management section.
  5. Biomedical and Hospital Maintenance inventory management section.
  6. Stationary Inventory management section.
  7. Receiving Section.
  8. Stock Control section.


To be one of the best main repositories and the best inventories management centre and medical supplies in the country by following high standard management strategies of inventories of all medical consumables and medications needed by the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.


We strive to ensure that our directorate have the most modern warehouse, logistic facilities and system for safekeeping and managing the inventory of all materials and medical consumables. We continually review and update the necessary features and processes of the inventory management system to ensure that we provide SQUH the right item with right quality and quantities at right time to the right place in appropriate price.

Medical Supplies Services

  • Inventory Management & Logistic services (indenting, receiving, storage, issuing and distribution of stock items) to the SQUH clinics, wards, and other sections in the hospital.
  • Oversee the application of an effective Quality Assurance program to follow up on the quality, effectiveness and safety of all items in our stores.
  • Estimate and forecast the annual budget needed to secure the needs of the SQUH's from medicines, consumables and other medical supplies.
  • Prepare and execute an annual plan of inventory management courses to train the students, staff and interns from SQU and other institutes.