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Clinical hematology and blood bank Laboratory Services caters for the entire hospital and additionally receives referral samples from public and private hospitals all over Oman for routine and advanced testing. The laboratory is subdivided into various sections that includes general hematology, hemoglobinopathy, hemostasis, blood bank and donor room services, busulfan pharmacokinetics, and the molecular division. General hematology operate around the clock and provides routine tests that includes full blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, SICKLEDEX® testing and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase screening. It also provides specialized tests like: Bone marrow aspirate and cerebrospinal fluid examinations and flow cytometry for different samples. Hemostasis & Hemoglobinopathy deals with routine and advanced testing for bleeding, thrombophilia and Hemoglobinopathy disorders workup. These sections are complemented with diagnostic workup support from the molecular section as needed. The blood bank handles the donor room as well as a supply of blood and blood products for the whole hospital. This include blood collection, products preparation and processing, as well as quality assurance testing. On the clinical side, the blood bank provides blood grouping and antibody screening for various hematological patients. The blood bank also provides apheresis service for multiple indications including: harvesting stem cells for allogeneic and autologous stem cell transplant. Apharesis service include: 1-plasma exchange for multiple indications example renal neurologic and hematologic indications 2-platelet apheresis. Busulfan Pharmacokinetics (PK) section work on optimization of busulfan dosage in patients undergoing BMT in order to reduce the toxic effects associated with high drug levels. Molecular Research & Diagnostic Services offers molecular diagnostic facilities for various benign and malignant disorders. It is also involved in the monitoring of the transplant progress by chimerism studies in post-transplant patients.


Being recognized as the leading clinical hematology laboratory and blood bank in the region that is committed to excellence and improvement to meet the high standard of care.


To provide high quality diagnostic and therapeutic hematology and blood banking services.


General Hematology Laboratory

The General Hematology Laboratory offers a wide range of tests, using advanced automated technology, as well as consultative services in the diagnosis of hematological diseases and disorders. The laboratory offers an efficient service for processing full blood count, blood films and bone marrow samples. It offers expert interpretations and consultative advice on peripheral blood, bone marrow, CSF specimens, lymph node biopsies and other body fluids. In addition, the laboratory undertakes Malaria screening and identification, Sickle cell screening and G6PD screening..

Hours of Operation

The Hematology Laboratory is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only an Emergency Service is available on weekends, public holidays, and from 4.00pm - 8.00am on week days.

Blood Bank & Apheresis Unit:

Donor screening and testing, blood collection, products preparation and processing, as well as quality assurance testing. The blood bank provides basic and specialized immunohematology testing and has capabilities to provide blood for special patients in need such as in-utero transfusions. The blood bank service a wide range of patient population on high demand of blood supply including adult and pediatric hematology, surgical patients and trauma. Blood donation campaigns are conducted in campus and outside SQU to meet inventory demands. The blood bank has apheresis systems for donor and patient apheresis including platelet and plasma collection from blood donors, stem cell harvest for autologous and allogenic bone marrow transplant and therapeutic plasma exchange. Moreover, the blood bank perform stem cell product manipulation. The blood bank is enrolled in many basic science and clinical research.

Hours of Operation

Blood Bank welcomes blood donors from 7.30 am - 9:00 pm from Saturday to Thursday.

Appointments for blood donations: Whatsapp: 92885754, Tel: 24144987

Email: Bloodbank@squ.edu.om

Blood Bank Laboratory is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Blood Donation Campaigns are done on weekly basis based on a pre-made schedule


Ensures all activities carried out at SQUH premises by its staff and private contractors are mananged in a competent wayThis section performs routine and advanced testing for bleeding and thrombophilia workups – Hemoglobinopathy, Testing for Hemoglobinopathy disorders

Molecular Research & Diagnostic Services

Molecular diagnostic facilities for hemoglobin disorders, several thrombophiliac disorders, immune deficiency syndromes, and malignant haematological conditions that include acute leukemia, chronic leukemia and myeloproliferative neoplasms. The section is also involved in the monitoring of the transplant progress by chimerism studies in post-transplant patients.