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About Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) is considered to be a center of excellence in Oman for the provision of general and specialized pharmaceutical services and the promotion of pharmaceutical research and teaching. The Department is divided into six major sections: Pharmacy Administration & Training; Outpatient Pharmacy; Inpatient Clinical Pharmacy; Manufacturing/Aseptic Preparations; Medicine Information; and the Pharmacy Sub-Store.


To be the center of excellence within the country in promoting pharmaceutical research and teaching as well as providing evidence-based general and specialized pharmaceutical services.


  1. To provide high quality education and research
  2. To provide evidence-based pharmaceutical care services
  3. To dispense the most accurate & effective medications


  1. Teaching and supervising research projects
  2. Providing clinical pharmacy services to in-patients
  3. Dispensing medications to all patients
  4. Providing medicine information services
  5. Preparing chemotherapy and Total Parenteral Nutrition