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The Department of Behavioral Medicine is an interdisciplinary field of medicine concerned with the integration of knowledge in the biological, behavioral, psychological, and social sciences relevant to health and illness. Therefore, the Department embraced the expertise from diverse field including psychological sciences, anthropology, sociology and clinical psychiatry. The available services is one of the best in the country, and was one of the very first to provide modern diagnosis and research on behavioral medicine. Thus, the Department caters the need for child and adolescence mental health services, general adult mental health services as well as geriatric psychiatry. On this ground, the department strives, as an academic and clinical department, for excellence in learning, teaching and research and to be the flagship department in its field in Oman and the region.

Vision & Mission

To promote excellence in research, development and teaching of psychiatry and its allied subjects and to apply and disseminate this knowledge with the aim of preventing mental disorders and developing treatment for the relief of suffering. Throughout our courses, we endeavor to develop in our students, the right attitude towards patients and society. We need to have more human resource both in the clinical and preclinical to cope with the actual and projected increasing number of students, to cope with the new curriculum requirements and to deal with increasing demand of the society, also to organize workshops and seminars for doctors, social workers and allied mental health professionals to ensure awareness of mental health and educate people on the human look to mental health.


On the hospital side, the combination of a rich referral base at the clinic and an innovative service delivery model has created a strong trajectory of growth for the Department of Behavioral Medicine. The department is still the only one in the country providing for specialist tertiary referrals in a General Hospital. The department has a support staff of psychologists, nurses, social workers and other clinicians. The assessments provided by neuropsychology employs specialized testing procedures and a nomothetic framework that strives to integrate medical, neurological, and behavioral data with neuropsychological test findings to answer any of a number of referral questions. Weekly ward rounds are conducted by each clinical team to discuss our inpatients, with a multidisciplinary approach. Continuing professional development and regular Grand Rounds every Saturday afternoon, help management of difficult cases