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About Food Services Management

Food Services Management section aims to supervise the provision of food services to all in-patients and attendants, and all SQUH staff through contract management and monitoring. This to ensure that patients receive appropriate meals and the required diets based on food and safety regulations and nutritional guidelines as ordered by the dietitians. Also to ensure that SQUH staff receive healthy and quality meals form hospital cafeteria. Catering supervisors are responsible to manage the contract and monitor all processes of catering services delivered by the contractor.


  • To be the center of excellence in all areas of hospital food services supervisory management providing high quality training, research and patients’ meal services.


  • We provide a comprehensive food services management and quality assurance supervisory role to the catering sub-contractor
  • We ensure the provided meals are healthy, nutritious and safe within the legal and ethical boundaries of our profession.
  • We are part of multidisciplinary team providing training and research opportunities.


  • Monitoring and supervising of Food services supply chain
  • Conduct routine supplier’s audits
  • Internal risk assessment inspection
  • Training students and staff on food services management