What to do after blood donation
  • Don’t rush to leave the donor room. Rest for minimum of 10 minutes and have a snake and a drink before you leave.
  • Follow post-donation instructions:After you donate, you will be given instructions on how to take care of yourself. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully to ensure a safe and speedy recovery
    • Stay hydrated:Drink plenty of fluids, such as water, fruit juice, for the rest of the day, to help replenish the fluids lost during the donation process.
    • Rest:Get enough rest . Refrain from any intense physical activity, heavy lifting, or exercise for at least 24 hours after donating blood.
    • Keep the bandage on:Keep the bandage on your arm for at least four hours after donation and avoid exposing the site to water.
    • Eat a healthy meal:Eat a nutritious meal that includes iron-rich foods, such as red meat, spinach, beans, and fortified cereals, to help replace the iron lost during the donation.