Procurement Directorate
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ِAbout Procurement Directorate 

The Procurement Directorate is one of administrative entity in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH). Its primary role is to acquire goods and services from external bodies with best possible price, in the right time and good quality.



  • To achieve excellence in customer service by actively working and consistently improving.
  • To be on the ‘cutting edge’ of technology positioned to dynamically adapt to changing needs and environment.
  • To communicate our services and capabilities in a highly effective manner.
  • To be recognized as value-added service department.




  • Purchasing services is dedicated to providing effective means to procure, required goods and services to the hospital in timely and efficient manner that create maximum value in accordance with established Government rules and regulations and Ministerial guidelines.
  • Procurement Department strive to secure for Sultan Qaboos University Hospital the highest quality supplies, materials, services and equipment etc. at the lowest possible cost, in the shortest period of time from responsible vendors.