SQU Hospital Day

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital celebrates its annual day on the sixth of February of each year, and the celebration of this day commemorates the opening of the hospital on the sixth of February 1990 AD under the high patronage of the Late, God’s willing, Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimur, may God rest his soul. Through its annual celebration, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital has consistently demonstrated its scientific achievements and qualitative processes that it conducts and to highlight the capabilities and skills of its cadres in various fields and the most prominent developments in the hospital that confirm the hospital’s progress in advancing its services and achieving the goals for which it was established. This celebration is an opportunity to present scientific research the hospital staff carry out in its various categories.

Another significance of this day is working to create social atmosphere between the various hospital employees and their families, ensuring that the spirit of one team prevails among the various cadres through the social activities associated with this celebration.