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About Development & Quality Directorate

Established in February 2003 as the Directorate of Development & Quality, we facilitate SQUH to achieve ISO 9001 – 2000 Certification in 2005 and re-Certification 2008 and 2011. In 2012, healthcare international accreditation standards (ACI) was introduced to SQUH. Gold Level Accreditation was awarded for the period 2014 - 2017 and Platinum Level Accreditation 2017 – 2020.

The role of the Directorate of Development & Quality is to assess, monitor, and improve the quality of services provided by our healthcare professionals to our patients, within a safe and sustainable health system.


To be leaders in facilitating specialized patient-centered quality healthcare services to our patient community in Oman and across the region.



Committed to providing SQUH with distinctive and sustained support in structuring and maintaining quality standard conformance in all educational, clinical and support services.



Our contribution of designing, implementing and applying quality improvement activities begins with engaging collaboratively in hospital, national, regional and international programs that encourage, recognize and reward those committed to improving quality and safety. Our Directorate actively serves as members of committee, taskforce and multi-disciplinary teams to effectively demonstrate our commitment to excellence and ongoing improvement and development.  

 Accreditation Facilitation Services:

  • Build collaborative relationships with the clinical and non-clinical departments of the hospital, to plan appropriate processes and mechanisms to conform with the required accreditation standards.
  • Demonstrate facilitator competency skills, knowledge and attitude to support effective team facilitation and apply to meeting accreditation criteria.
  • Communicate clear guidelines and recommendations to maintain and sustain achieved accreditation certification level.
  • Provide and deliver training programs on Required Organizational Practices to enhance patient safety and minimize risk in the hospital.
  • Liaise with the accrediting body to improve outcomes through assessments against the standards.
  • Facilitate quality projects and hospital initiatives that reflects meeting the criteria of accreditation standard requirements and improvement.


 Development & Documentation Services: 

  • Provide policy and guidelines for creating hospital related documents.
  • Responsible for uploading hospital related documents to SQUH internal website.
  • Perform the duties of controlling and maintaining hospital related documents such as policies, procedures, guidelines, protocols, plans, manuals, forms and other related documentation.
  • Actively designing surveys to serve the needs of staff perception and patient experience
  • Responsible for distribution and data collection of surveys.
  • Reporting of data analysis for hospital-wide surveys.


 Quality Management Services

  • Conduct frequent Quality Rounds to address acute, recurring or potential issues to monitor the hospital operations.
  • Plan and perform scheduled Quality Audits designed to ensure compliance with the implemented standards and to identify non-conformities throughout the clinical and non-clinical areas of the hospital as a continuous improvement activity.  
  • Manage the hospital Incident Reporting System (IRS) on a daily basis, receiving incidents reported by hospital staff, directing the issue to concerned departments, and monitoring the corrective and preventive actions taken for proper closure.
  • Facilitate staff to conduct clinical and non-clinical Risk Assessments within departments to identify hazards and to eliminate or minimize risks to staff, patients and visitors.
  • Facilitate staff to design Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as a quantifiable measure that evaluates how the hospital meets their mission and objectives through benchmarking.
  • Coordinate with departments to design and monitor a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for ongoing accountability and aligning departmental initiatives with the mission, vision and objectives of the hospital.