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The Medical Genetics Laboratories are providing genetic testing services to healthcare providers in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital and other regional hospitals. Our Genomic Diagnostics Laboratories consist of three main labs, which include Clinical Cytogenetic Laboratory, National Tissue Typing Laboratory, and Molecular Genetics and Genomic Laboratory. They are dedicated to bringing specialized genetics tests for inherited and acquired genetic disorders.  


  • To provide a variety of genetic and genomic testing for families with genetic disorders.
  • To conduct research that will help understanding genetic disorders, developing new tests and implementing advances in methodologies which will contribute to improved therapies.
  • To teach and train both undergraduate and postgraduate students in a way to build content knowledge that will expand their opportunity to understand different procedures with their basic principles. 
  • Our mission is to provide the highest quality of tests for the diagnosis and care of patients with genetic conditions supporting the overall Sultan Qaboos University Hospital mission and vision. 


  • Clinical Cytogenetic Laboratory

The Clinical Cytogenetic Laboratory provides routine service to SQUH departments like Hematology, Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Clinical Genetics and Urology and others. The laboratory processes an average of 800 samples per year. It offers comprehensive chromosomal analysis on peripheral blood, amniotic fluid, bone marrow and fine needle aspirations. Molecular cytogenetic analyses are offered using fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH). The results are reviewed and interpreted by a senior clinical cytogeneticist. 


  • National Tissue Typing Laboratory

National Tissue Typing Laboratory is the only national laboratory providing tissue typing to the country. The laboratory performs on average 2800 tissue typing related tests per year. 


  • Molecular Genetics and Genomic Laboratory

The Molecular Genetics and Genomics Laboratory provides routine service to SQUH and national hospitals. MGGL receives on average 1800 specimens for the purpose of DNA banking or genetic testing. 


  • Collaboration services with Biochemical Genetics Laboratory 

The biochemical geneticists from the department also provide interpretive services to the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, currently under the administration of the Department of Biochemistry.