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About Genetics Lab

Genomic Diagnostics Laboratories:

The department provides diagnostic laboratory services to SQUH, and other regional hospitals when clinically judged necessary for some specialized testing. The diagnostic laboratory services span to include the following sections:

  1. Clinical Cytogenetic Laboratory

The Clinical Cytogenetic Laboratory provide routine service to SQUH departments like Hematology, Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Clinical Genetics and Urology etc.  It caters service to about 600 patients per year.

  1. National Tissue Typing Laboratory

National Tissue Typing Laboratory/National Tissue Typing Laboratory is the only national laboratory providing tissue typing to the country. The laboratory perform in average 2000 tissue typing related tests per year.

  1. Molecular Genetics and Genomic Laboratory

The Molecular Genetics and Genomics Laboratory provides routine service to SQUH and national Hospitals. MGGL receive in average 1400 specimens for the purpose of DNA extraction or genetic testing.

The biochemical geneticists from the department also provide interpretive services to the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory currently under the administration of the Department of Biochemistry.