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About Technical Affairs Directorate

The Directorate of Technical Affairs is responsible of processing and supervising the implementation of hospital projects which oversees design, construction, renovation, operations and maintenance by supervising and monitoring the service provider contractors for operation and maintenance. We offer around the clock maintenance service in the hospital and in maintaining landscaping. We ensure that the medical devices and equipment are installed the quality is maintained. Furthermore, we provide excellent hygiene and sanitary conditions in the hospital. The Directorate assists all SQUH departments overall in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.


Our vision is to achieve excellence in its service to all patients in SQUH, and maintain improvement, design and development well ahead to meet the ever-changing demands for SQUH expansion endeavors.  We strive to be an innovative leader in facilities management, and to be an organization where all employees are treated equitably and honestly.


Our mission is to maintain the physical environment and provides related services to support the hospital in reaching its goal of excellence in healthcare services in par with International Accreditation standards.


Projects Department (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Air Conditioning)

  • Carry out engineering feasibility study to determine the viability, conducting surveys, preparing sketches, preliminary design drawings, preparing cost estimates and processing budget approvals for large projects, minor and major modification works including infrastructure and ancillary facilities in coordination with other services engineers and liaison with user departments.
  • Reviews pre-contract and post contract documents for projects, prepares Specifications, Bill of Quantities, Tender Documents, Tender Evaluation Reports to decide on economic bid and Contract Documents.
  • Reviews civil, structural, electrical and mechanical and HVAC drawings prepared by other agencies for new buildings and facilities.
  • Reviews suitability of building materials and components for the proposed new buildings and facilities anticipating any maintenance problems, or the need for special construction machinery, tools and equipment to ensure standards of civil, structural works, Civil Defense and safety aspects.
  • Carry out post-contract supervision and administration works including supervising work sites of critical works executed by the contractors and provides required guidance to the contractors to faciliate in their works.
  • Participate in final commissioning and handover of completed projects to the user departments.
  • Provides training to new engineers of various displines civil, mechanical, electrical and HVAC joining SQUH and other engineering students from SQU and other governmental organizations of Oman, as and when required.

Hospital Maintenance Department (Buildings, Services, Plants, Equipment, Landscaping, Infrastructure, excluding Biomedical equipment)

  • Mechanical - Responsible for water services, kitchen equipment, medical gases, disinfection and sterilization equipment, natural gas system, sewage lifting stations, hospital beds, fire-fighting equipment and safety cabinets.
  • HVAC - Responsible for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system and refrigeration equipment.
  • Electrical - Responsible for Power Distribution System, Lifts, Lighting, Paging System, Telephone System, HVAC Controls, Uninterruptable Power Supply, Nurse Call System, Intercom System, Public Address System, Road Barriers and Audio-Visual Distribution System.
  • Civil - Responsible for maintenance of buildings, soft landscaping, keys, sign posting, minor modifications and upgrading, renovation of all facilities and infrastucture system.
  • Landscaping - Responsible for continuously maintaining greenery and beautification.

Health, Safety and Environment Department

  • Ensures all activities carried out at SQUH premises by its staff and private contractors are mananged in a competent way in order to avoid, reduce or control all foreseable risk to any person or material.
  • Ensures that health and safety is maintained in SQUH through proper monitoring, reporting and improvement and by identifying and controlling occupational hazards.
  • Health and Safety and Fire Officers provide proper training to all staff to make them aware about occupational hazards and fire prevention.

Biomedical Engineering Department

  • Responsible for procurement and maintenance of biomedical equipment; magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography scanners, X-ray, vital signs monitoring machines, all diagnostic life-saving equipment.

Laundry and Housekeeping Department

  • Responsible for Housekeeping and Laundry services of the hospital.
  • Responsible for cleaning services of the all buildings in SQUH.
  • Responsible for washing of linen of the hospital wards and clinical staff uniforms.