Patient Service Directorate
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About Patient Services Directorate 

Patient Services Directorate is considered to be the SQUH front destination for patients, attendants, and visitors.  It has direct contact with patients and their relatives to ensure their satisfaction with the provided services in accordance with the hospital guidelines. The directorate works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


•    Provide compassionate, ethical, accessible and high-quality care that meet expectations of our patient, their families and others whom we serve.
•    Provide a work environment that fosters motivation and commitment in our staff.



•    Provide 24 hrs, compassionate, accessible and high-quality service to SQUH clients and visitors to ensure customer satisfaction.
•    Resolve any misunderstandings that might arise between staff and clients so that SQUH excellent services run with minimal interruption.
•    Effectively liaise with other internal/external departments to provide maximum help to clients.