Administration Affairs Directorate
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About Administration Affairs Directorate

The department was established in 2010 when the new SQUH organizational chart was issued. The department backtraces the Hospital Deputy Director General for Administration and Finance Affairs. The department consist of (3) sections and each one has its own head:

  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Communications


Being distinguished in providing logistics services to our clients in search of being at top of t achievement with best environment of harmony.


Achieve highest level of administrative excellence through providing best possible help to our employees in order to show their potentials and give them all means of help to maximize their Knowledge and performance.


General supervision of the three administrative departments: housing, transportation, and communications to achieve the best performance.

Housing Services

  • Housing Preparation.
  • Housing Furnishing.
  • Maintenance and Inspection.
  • Office Furnishing.

Transportation Services

  • Transfer patients
  • Transfer of sick students
  • Postal services
  • Move the dead

Communications Services

  • Supervising of all phones in the hospital.
  • Supervising of Mail and Operator units.
  • Providing new internal and external phone lines for the Hospital Departments.
  • Coordinating external and internal calls and answering queries.
  • Coordinating with Mail companies and offices.
  • Executing the Directorate instructions.