Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
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About HIS

The Directorate of Hospital Information Systems (HIS) primarily provides information technology (IT) services to Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) which greatly aids SQUH’s mission of providing the highest standard of healthcare to patients. To achieve this goal, HIS uses comprehensive state-of-the-art IT services in healthcare systems and constantly upgrades the systems with the latest updates. HIS has a dedicated team of qualified and specialized personnel in the various fields of IT to provide these services. They constantly develop new systems and maintain the current systems to provide around-the-clock services to SQUH.


To promote the use of start of the art Information Technology (IT) services in the Healthcare field in order to provide reliable and high quality round the clock services to SQUH which would facilitate the efficient functioning of the Hospital.


The HIS Directorate is to provide round the clock availability, integrity and secure information-technology based services in the areas of hardware, software, network, and other IT related services to facilitate the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital’s Mission as it applies to excellent education, researchers, patients and community services.

Services offered by the HIS include:

  • Planning information system software needs and related budgetary requirements.
  • Project management for large-scale computer system implementation.
  • Evaluation and development of enterprise and departmental software solutions
  • Analysis of business needs and information system requirements.
  • Design of business workflow, databases, interfaces, documents, reports and processes.
  • Development and installation of application software.
  • Testing of computer software to validate performance against design specifications.
  • Documentation, including preparation of user manuals/procedures and system documentation.
  • Maintenance of applications software, programs and data files to provide enhanced functionalities.
  • Support for users of HIS applications including support for Help Desk issues.
  • Security administration for HIS user accounts and permissions. 
  • Providing SQUH departments with required statistical reports.
  • Provide training in the use of the medical system for doctors, interns, nurses, laboratory Staff and clerks. 
  • Provide summer training for students from the University and external colleges.