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The department of Administration Affairs is one of the important pillars in directing the university's activities and missions through providing networks and effective connection-line whether they are internal, external or international. In addition, it has direct relationships with national
authorities and institutions such as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and communication companies.
The department provides the best postal services inside the Sultanate in cooperation with local and international companies for importing and exporting parcel post. The department contains a Faculty club that provides suites and residence rooms, which are furnished with the finest furniture to ensure cleanliness. The club contains a restaurant providing different meals under the supervision of nutrition specialists to ensure the quality of food, health, and safety of the club's visitors.
The department has the responsibility to organize and prepare meals in official parties and occasions, in addition to providing a dining room for up to 600 people during the organization of conferences, symposiums, and workshops.


Providing the best administrative services in the field of communication, post office services, and nutrition and housing services.



Providing the best services to the club's visitors and beneficiaries from the network and postal services.




Communication Section:

  • Providing, installing and maintaining internal adapters and fax devices.
  • Maintaining the PBX of the University and the University's hospital.
  • Coordinating with the Department of Technical Services and the Center of Information Systems regarding the requirements of new projects of telecommunication services.
  • Coordinating with the Oman Telecommunications Company regarding the telephone exchange, direct telephone lines, public phones, and other fixed and mobile communications services.
  • Coordinating with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority regarding the communication services in the university.
  • Ensuring that the University complies with TRA regulations.
  • Providing temporary services for the events and conferences organized in the university, such as internal adapters and local and international direct connections lines.
  • Communicating with the telecommunications operators.

Post Office Section:

  • Sorting and classifying correspondence according to type, weight and common postal divisions and registering them electronically
  • Receiving and distributing all the university incoming correspondence from inside and outside the Sultanate.
  • Receiving and distributing all the university out coming correspondence inside or outside the university according to the unit sent to them.
  • Distributing and delivering urgent official letters by agents.
  • Sending urgent letters via international express mail and specialist companies in this field to ensure their arrival at the required speed.
  • Sending publications of conferences and scientific research.

Faculty Club:

  • Coordinating and arranging for booking rooms and halls.
  • Supervising and following-up the progress of services and overcome obstacles in the club’s facilities
  • Supervising, coordinating and preparing nutrition's lists for guests and VIP visitors.
  • Supervising and following-up on the implementation of the terms of the university with the engaged nutrition company in the club’s restaurant
  • Supervising of food at the faculty club.
  • Coordinating and organizing the booking for events and occasions of various colleges and official centers in the club.

Coordination and Follow-up Section:

  • Receiving, registering, reviewing the outcome letters, and save them electronically.
  • Saving, documenting, and archiving correspondence and data electronically in specific files according to the topics.
  • Saving and following-up the programs, appointments, and commitments of the director's department
  • Preparing and writing reports, meeting minutes, letters, and speeches according to the work's requirements.
  • Responding to phone's calls and receive fax messages and organizing them.
  • Preparing and arranging the department's meetings.
  • Preparing the annual report.
  • Studying the obstacles facing the implementation of the coordination and follow-up’s work.
  • Providing all administrative requirements related to personnel affairs in the department.
  • Following-up the offering of permanent and temporary advances.

Services Department

  • Services for booking rooms and suites in the Faculty Club by(VISION2000) system.
  • Booking annex halls in the Faculty Club by (VISION2000) system.
  • Post office services by (VISION2000) system.

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