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The establishment of the Printing Press coincided with the inauguration of  Sultan Qaboos University, in the year 1986. It was to function as a non-profit department, serving only the University and the SQU Hospital. The purpose behind that was to highlight the need for a good printing press, capable of meeting the voluminous requirements of the curriculum, publishing, and other stationery needs of the University. This includes the course books, periodical scientific journals, research books, and other books/booklets/brochures/posters, etc., to be printed on various special occasions, such as graduation ceremony, University day, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and other occasions. The SQU Printing Press extends its best services, with high quality and capability in printing various jobs for all the Colleges, Centers, Deanships and other departments, according to its available facilities. In view of the growing number of students yearly in the University, opening of more departments in the existing Colleges, and the resultant increase in the number of printing jobs that we receive, we are looking forward to get latest facilities and new building, according to the University strategic plan, in order to meet future demands.


That the Printing Press becomes the best Print Organization among the University Printing Presses in the Region by the year 2020.


Provision of the effective work environment for all the services and provision of necessary resources for the line of production of the Printing Press.


  • High degree of efficiency in the management of Production operation.
  • Control over the Operation plans and achieving a balance between the productive forces and maintain the important factors, which are.
  • achieving maximum operational efficiency.
  • compliance of deadline for the delivery of finished material.
  • Selection of the staff who possess efficiency and technical expertise.
  • Accuracy in a selection of hardware equipment and consumable material for purchasing.
  • Optimum utilization of the Printing Press budget.
  • Optimum utilization of equipment and hardware.
  • Improving the performance of the Printing Press staff.
  • Maximizing dealers satisfaction.
  • Simplifying and development of procedures and mechanisms of work.


Services Offered by SQU Printing Press:

  • Photocopying of various Teaching Summary books for all the Colleges and SQU Hospital;
  • Printing of Course Books, like Oman-and-Islamic Civilization, etc;
  • Printing of Conferences’ Proceedings Books;
  • Printing of Programs, Certificate, Booklets, Visiting Cards, and all the concerning material of Conferences, Exhibitions, and Programs of special occasions like the University Day and Graduation Day of university students;
  • Printing of received books and those authorized by the Scientific Publications Council;
  • Printing of Answer Booklets;
  • Printing of books of General Reports for University Achievements received from the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor;
  • Printing of Scientific Journals for all the Colleges, after their sanction from the Council Of Scientific Publications and due approval from H.E. the Deputy Vice-Chancellor;
  • Printing of magazines of activities of individual Colleges, after their due approval by the Ministry of Information for publication, received via Information Dept. of Sultan Qaboos University;
  • Printing of Teaching booklets for Colleges, e.g.: "Medicine Log Book", and "Internship Log Book", etc.


Printing other books & printing Materials:

  • Annual Reports; 
  • Out Research Report;
  • Research Report;
  • Academic Annual Report; etc;
  • University Strategic Plan book and Summary;
  • Printing of Telephone Directory;
  • Printing of Program of University Teachings & Program of Post-graduate Teachings; 
  • Printing of Prospectus (Daleel-al-Jami'ah);
  • Printing of Letter Heads, Notes, Invitation Cards, Certificates, Memos with compliments and Registers for all University Units and SQU Hospital;
  • Printing of Leaflets, Brochures, Posters, and Pamphlets;
  • Printing of Coupon tickets for students;
  • Re-binding of books received from the Main Library and other Libraries associated with Colleges;
  • Printing of some files;
  • Printing of Envelopes;
  • Photocopy of Exams' question papers, when any College expresses its inability to print the same.
  • Printing of Stickers, forms, and menus.


  • Coordination & Follow-up
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing Section
  • Binding Section
  • Store Section
Name Position Ext.   E-mail
Mohammed Hamdan Al-Zakwani

Head of Coordination & Follow-up office



  • Receiving all letters and requisition forms from the other University departments;
  • Keeping all received letters and their attachments in particular files and retrieving them, as required;
  • Follow-up in the in-ward and out-ward post;
  • Arranging the Director's appointments;
  • Following up administrative procedures relating to the staff of the Printing Press and coordinate with SQU Admin. to finish their procedures;
  • Using the Printing Press Data-base;
  • Working out the Estimating system;
  • Carrying out/Achieving any other tasks given by the Director.
Name Position Ext. E-mail
Mohammed Said Al-Aghbari Head Section 3370


  • Design all printing materials such as (books, leaflets, posters, magazines, invitation cards, business cards … etc.;
  • Perform regular maintenance of all the Section's equipments;
  • Apply quality measures such as Densitometer and other tools to acquire high quality color separation;
  • Archive completed jobs;
  • Using latest technology in output such as printer, digital proofing and computer-to-plate machine (CTP), to produce processed plates by applying Workshop, Prinergy and Imposition;
  • Manipulate with various programs such as Adobe In-design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator …etc. to produce complete designed pages comprising of text and photos;
  • Preparing proofs (drafts) for the clients before starting the printing of any particular job;
  • Keeping and storing all processed plates and films to use them for any repeat job in future;
  • Handing in ready-plates or repeat job plates to the printing section;
Name  Position Ext. E-mail
Khalid Salim Al-Hamhami

Head of Section



  • Receiving and following-up the job orders;
  • Checking and auditing the color quality according to the sample attached;
  • Fixing and removing plates from the printing machines;
  • Processing the plates after printing and saving them to be used later;
  • Sticking to a daily and regular maintenance of machines;
  • Employing quality tools to acquire high-quality color printing;
  • Coordinating with stores section to define the types of materials needed to produce high-quality printing;
  • Reporting the Section's requirements;
  • Adopting Health & Safety measures;


Name Position  Ext. E-mail
Khalid Khalaf Al-Mamari

Head of Section



  • Receiving and follow-up the job orders;
  • Photocopying textbooks for various colleges and departments of the University, with binding;
  • Binding and finishing all types of books by using various methods and stages: gathering, collating, side-stitching, saddle-stitching and perfect binding;
  • Packing the books and other printing materials before delivery;
  • Reporting the section's requirements;
  • Manipulating with all types of binding machines;
  • Employing regular maintenance for photocopying and binding machines;
  • Adopting Health and Safety measures;



  • Receiving and storing materials such as paper, ink, machines' spare parts … etc.;
  • Saving materials from depreciation and loss;
  • Making a plan for Printing Press requirements of all materials needed;
  • Organizing an archive to keep some copies of the printed materials;
  • Using procurement and storing system.


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