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General Stores Department is one of university service units. It is specialized in supervising and providing all materials which are necessary  for educational and productive process such as furniture, books, stationery and office supplies, equipment and other items. In this window, we put in your hands a brief overview of the departments and the services it provides in order to enhance the spirit of communication between the department and end users. We are pleased with your interaction and communication with us in everything that would improve the services which we are provided.


A typical store with electronics application, advanced technologies and outstanding efficiency in the sustainability of the inventory in order to meet the requirements of educational research process for the university and community.


Achieve a high level of quality and efficiency in providing items needed to all university units to achieve a prestigious position for the university locally and globally. Also, work hard to come up with newest techniques for developing work, improving performance and utlizing financial resources.


  • Raise the level of efficiency of department's employees.
  • Increase satisfaction level of recipient of the service.
  • Applying safety and health measures.
  • Maintaining stock items and their flow.
  • Maintaining the quality of items and deliver them on time.
  • Reducing the obsolescence of items, identifying reasons for not requesting and trying to find solutions for them. 
  • Using systems and methods to simplify procedures.
  • Decreasing consumption, reducing costs and trying to gain revenue.

Coordination, Follow up & Archiving Section:

  • Prepares, records and follows up all department's correspondences.
  • Receives messages from all university units and outside it.
  • Coordinates any meetings related to the department or department's committees.

Stock Control Section:

  • Controls stock.
  • Reviews periodic and monthly inventory reports for the stock of all departments.
  • Follows up the stock to identify slow moving inventory and make the necessary procedures.

Supplies Section:

  • Support all university units which have events and activities like (exhibitions, student activities, students ’graduation ceremony, university day, National Day occasions, conferences) by providing them with supplies and furniture.

Offices Furniture Section:

  • Coordinates with other university units in order to provide them with their needs from office furniture.

Houses Furniture Section:

  • Coordinates with other university unites in order to provide them with their needs from housing furniture.

Text Book Section:

  • Through this section, textbooks and references are provides to university units as they request.

Stationary & office Supplies Section:

  • Provides stationeries and office supplies for all university units, and issuing tags for computers and other computing devices.

Equipment & Construction Materials Section: 

  • Coordinates with other university unites in order to receive machines, equipment and building materials from suppliers and inspect them before storing or submitting to the end user.
  • Follows up delivery process for the above items to make sure that the right items is deliver to the right end user.
  • stores some machines and equipment temporarily until the end use received them.

Receiving Items Section:

  • Checks items in purchase order to make sure that suppliers deliver the same items with the same quality and quantity.

Chemicals Section:

  • Supervising the receipt and delivery of chemical materials, and storing chemicals  items  temporarily- if needed - in accordance with safety standards.

Service: Providing stationeries and office supplies

To request: Enter request into Vision 2000

To contact: 1370/ 2679


Service: Providing textbooks and references

To request: Enter request into Vision 2000

To contact: 2712/ 1377


Service: Preparation an event

To request: Fill out Event Preparation Requisition Form

To contact: 2612


Service: Providing Furniture

To request: Enter request into Vision 2000

To contact: 2666/6137


Service: providing toners

To request: Fill out Printer’s Toner Requisition Form

To contact: 2679/ 1370


Service: Furniture Maintenance

To request: Fill out  Furniture Maintenance Requisition Form

To contact: 2612


Service: Request housing supplies

To request: Fill out  Housing Supplies Requisition Form

To contact: 2612

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