Internal Auditing Department
  • Vision & Mission
  • Objectives
  • Core values


The Audit Department looking for to enrich the university's controlling work. All its programs and activities should be of added value that will help to achieve the university's objectives and create a self-regulatory environment.


Working alongside with the university’s management to achieve its strategic, financial and managerial programs through enhancing the internal control system for all its day-to-day events and construct an efficacy self-control environment.


The executive regulations of the state's financial law issued by Ministerial Decree No. (118/2008) have set the objectives of internal audit services, which include:


  1. Verify the implementation of the laws, regulations and financial and executive regulations of the university.
  2. Reviewing expenditures to verify that budget spending is done in accordance with laws, regulations and benefits.
  3. Preparing an annual examination program to be approved by the President of the University to verify the regulations and procedures in force with the authorities and propose any control or developmental controls.
  4. Examine the financial records, accounts, and final accounts statements according to the annual audit program.
  5. Reviewing and auditing financial procedures and assets and proposing systems that guarantee financial control and internal control procedures.
  6. Preparing reports characterized by innovation and a spirit of constructive cooperation with the relevant authorities in order to achieve and serve the objectives of the university.


We exhibit and committed fairness, honesty, and ethical behavior in our service to the University.


We carry out works and provide accurate reports and recommendations in a timely, feasible, and relevant manner.


We perform duties in a such manner that we believe with an unbiased mental attitude and no quality compromise are made.