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Build confidence in the university to create a more participatory and transparent.


Strengthen the affiliation of the university staff and students to their homeland in general, and particularly their university and their trust headed by the university and the various departments and closer links within the social fabric of the University academic staff and technical and administrative as well as for students As for outside the university covers all segments of society .


  • Help achieve security, stability, and tranquility within the campus
  • Helping to lay the foundations of trust between the university administration, staff, and students.
  • Provide accurate information to the university administration in a timely manner, which is reflected positively in order to achieve job satisfaction and scientific by the employees of the university staff and students.

Security office


  1. To maintain the security and integrity of the information and documents, individuals and university buildings in coordination with the competent authorities, and to take the necessary measures to protect classified materials, supervise and maintain confidentiality.
  2. Ensure safety and security procedures in the various units of the University and conducted according to regulations in force in the Sultanate and in coordination with the Commission on Security and Safety and Security Services Corporation and safety.
  3. Fill in and complete the forms for recruitment, promotion and transfer services and other recruitment procedures and related follow-up procedures with the competent authorities inside and outside the university.
  4. Complete the form of university staff and hospital doctor’s university scholarships to study abroad.
  5. Participation in committees related to security, safety and traffic control on campus.
  6. Participation in the organization of events and activities at the university in collaboration with various university bodies.
  7. Overseeing the implementation of the security guard contracts in collaboration with the Foundation for Security and Safety Services.
  8. Oversee the issuance of permits entry of vehicles - all types - the campus.
  9. Supervision of the rotation of the security guards at the university on working days and holidays and vacations.
  10. Any other tasks assigned to them.
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