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The Procurement Department is one of the important executive Departments that report to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative & Financial Affairs. The responsibility of the Department is to manage and execute the procurement requests of the University except the Hospital, including management of the tendering and contract processes. And due to the increasing magnitude & diversity of work, the Department has committed to continuously improve and simplify the procurement process so as to make it as efficient and effective as possible, but in line with the pertaining laws and regulations. The Department also operates as a link between the different university units and the suppliers to follow up status of Purchase Orders and Contracts and resolve issues hindering execution of the same.


To excel in providing Procurement Services to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.


Providing high quality Procurement Services with the lowest possible cost and shortest time.


- Maintaining continuous contact with stakeholders as partners in achieving our objectives.
- Preparing qualified staff that work together in a team spirit according to the Vision, Mission, Goals, Value, and Principles of the Department.
- Ensuring availability of the required implements such as devices, programs, systems and smart applications to create and maintain motivation work environment.
- Continuing simplification and improvement of work processes and encouraging initiatives that help reaching this goal.

Values and Principles

Integrity, Fairness, Transparency and Compliance with the rules & regulations pertaining to the Procurement process.

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Coordination & Follow-up Section
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P.O.Box 49, Postal Code: 123, Al Khoud
Fax: 24413178

 Machinery & Equipment Section , Section Head

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Tenders & Contracts Section, Section Head

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Tickets Section, Section Head

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Chemical & Laboratory Supplies Section, Section Head

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Furniture Section, Section Head

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Books & Publications Section, Section Head

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  1. Acceptance of this Local Purchase Order (L.P.O) constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions governing purchase and delivery (Delivery here means Supply, Fixing, Testing and Commissioning as required) :-
  2. The accepted prices are to include delivery (including unloading) to the University's designated place of delivery and the agreed prices are not subject to alterations without the University's written consent.
  3. All goods or services supplied hereunder shall be of a quality and standard as per the description and specification contained in the order and any approved sample submitted and according to the specifications & measurements specified in contract. Any goods which are of defective manufacture shall at the University's request be replaced free of charges within a reasonable period as approved by the University.
  4. All patterns, drawings, designs or specifications provided by University remain the property of the University and shall be returned to the University on demand, and shall be treated as confidential and not to be disclosed to any third party without prior written consent from SQU Vice Chancellor or his authorized representative.
  5. Short life perishable items such as medicines, drugs, chemicals, fertilizers and foodstuffs must carry the dates of manufacture and expiry, country of origin, and special handling and storage instructions.
  6. In case of capital equipment and electronics, the supplier shall continue to provide after sale services, including backup for a period as agreed with the University. The supplier shall provide the University with all necessary user's instruction manuals at no extra cost.
  7. The Local Purchase Order number shall be quoted on all correspondence relating to it.
  8. Should the supplier fail to deliver whole or part of the goods at the specified place or on the specified date or within the specified period, the University reserves the right to cancel the whole order or such part as is undelivered. In such cases, the University shall obtain the undelivered items from an alternative source and the original supplier will be charged with any resultant cost plus administration fees equal to 3% of the total cost of the undelivered items.
  9. The University may give in writing an extension to the supplier who fails to deliver the goods on the specified delivery date, but such extension will not release the supplier from the penalty which may be imposed by the University for delaying the delivery for reason not related to the University. Such penalty shall be 2% per week or part of the week from the total value of the undelivered items.
  10. Payment to the supplier shall be within at least (60) sixty days from the date of delivery and receipt of the invoice.
  11. The supplier liability for the terms and conditions above is in addition to all other warranties, conditions, obligations imposed, or to be imposed during delivery period by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman in relation to the quality, description or fitness of the goods or services
  12. These terms and conditions shall be construed and shall take effect in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Sultanate of Oman

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