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Risk Management Office (RMO) is an administrative unit reporting directly to the Vice Chancellor’s Office. Through our four departments; HSE, Strategic& Academic Risks, Operational Risks, and HSE Awareness,  the office helps the university community achieve its objectives by providing support, training, and assistance to understand and manage risks.

The Risk Management Office (RMO) is committed to assisting Sultan Qaboos University in achieving its set strategic goals by adopting a comprehensive and systematic approach to identify, assess and manage all types of risks the University could potentially encounter: strategic, academic, operational, financial, reputational and compliance risks.

Our vision is to be a leader in the risk management of academic institutions for higher education. In fulfilling this vision, risk management is to be integrated in all decision making processes, at various levels across the University.

We believe that through an Integrated Risk Management approach, all levels of the SQU community will be able to identify, assess and manage risks efficiently and effectively in their respective areas.

Our aim for Risk Management at SQU is not to completely eliminate risks from University activities, but rather to ensure that risks are managed appropriately so that opportunities are maximized and the adverse effects of risks are eliminated. 

We seek your cooperation in complying with University policies and procedures and in assisting the RMO in making SQU a great place to work, study and visit.

We invite you to contact our office in case we can be of any assistance.  Your feedback is highly appreciated.



Dr. Salim Al Harthi

RMO Director


To be a leader in Risk Management of Higher Education Institutions.



Harnessing the Office of Risk Management to achieve the strategic objectives of the university.



  • Ensure all areas of SQU are endowed with excellent training to deal with risks and seize opportunities.
  • Keep risks under control by implementing effective measures and working closely with the concerned about risks at the university.
  • Develop the Framework and Standards to manage Strategic, Academic, and Operational risks.
  • Bring about dynamic change and cultivate excellence by engaging in academic activities and programs related to Risk Management.
  • Raise Safety awareness and promote adaptation of Safety best practices.
  • Evaluation and follow up of SQU units to ensure compliance in and the implementation of risks, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures.

      Risk Management

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Risk Management at SQU

The University initiated its arrangements for risk management in early 2014. A result of this work is the formation of Risk Management Office (RMO), a Risk Management Policy, Main Risk Committee, Risk Committees at the colleges and other units, Risk Management Frameworks and Plans and Corporate Risk Register


  • Risk Management Frameworks and Plans
  •  Colleges, Centers, & Administrative Units



  • Be in
  • Share with Us
  • Together We Can

“Be In” initiative by RMO is designed to meet the objectives of integrating Risk Management processes, best practices and principles into the governance, plans, policies, values, and culture of the units at SQU. The concerned staff (Deans, Directors, HODs, etc...) are kindly requested to participate in this initiative to achieve the SQU RM objectives and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receiving support from RMO (advising, training, etc…) on risk management activities
  • Reducing the likelihood and impact of risks through adaptation of best practices and seizing the opportunities.
  • Optimizing resources and enhancing decision-making.
  •  Enhancement of health and safety awareness.5. Having a lead in the adaptation of Risk Management processes and reviewing the risk profile.
      “BE IN” Actions
Unit Topic Process
Transportation Department The risk Management system in the Transportation Department RMO conducted an assessment of Safety Procedures in the Transportation Department
Investment Department Food Safety RMO developed Food Safety Procedures for SQU Food Moving Trucks
Financial Affairs Department Identification of risks associated with the Finance Dept. RMO met with each section under the Finance Dept. to understand the nature of work and potential risks and delivered a presentation on the outcome and recommendations


 For participation please fill in below details and email RMO at rmo@squ.edu.om For more information call 24143051/24143053.

  • Unit Name
  • Nature of the Activity
  • Responsible Person
  • Contact Details (Phone& E-mail)

“Share with Us” initiative by RMO is to encourage everyone at SQU to share their experiences, suggestions, proposals, and remarks (if any) related to strategic, academic, and operational risks and risks related to health, safety, and environment. This is to help SQU achieve its objectives through RMO and create a safe working environment for everyone.

RMO assures complete confidentiality of suggestions, proposals received from contributing individuals, acknowledging them as important partners in making decisions that will strengthen the risk management culture, HSE compliance and safeguard lives and property at SQU.

For the purpose of sharing your experiences with us at any time, please contact us at rmo@squ.edu.om.

“Together We Can” is an initiative by RMO to benefit from the expertise available within SQU in order to preserve a safe and low-risk environment within the University. Everyone at SQU is welcomed to share their contact information and work experience with our office on risk related fields for future consultation and collaboration.

 "Together We Can" CHAMPIONS
Expertise Unit Name
Dealing with Chemicals College of Science Dr. El Said El Shafey
Laboratory Safety College of Science Mr. Salem Al saidi
Laboratory Safety College of Engineering Dr. Omar Houesh
First Aid College of Nursing Dr. Vidya Sesahn
Academic Integrity College of Medicine& Health Science Prf. Lamk Al Lamk  


Your cooperation is highly appreciated. If interested, please fill the below details and forward to RMO email:  For more information please call 24143501/24143053. 

  • Name
  • GSM/Tel.
  • Email
  • Risk Field



  • Corporate Risk Register
  • Colleges, Centers and Admin Units
  • Technical Highlights Event

The university will maintain a Corporate Risk Register which is a file containing fundamental risks at an institutional level. The Main Risk Committee, chaired by the Vice chancellor is responsible for reviewing the Corporate Risk Register at least twice a year.

Corporate Risk Register (pdf)

Colleges, Centers and Admin units are required to maintain documented risks registers; this is an obligatory component of Risk Management Policy. Risk committees at colleges, centers, and admin units are responsible for reviewing risks registers every six months.

Risk Register form (pdf)

An Invitation to Present at the Teaching Highlights Event

The Risk Management Office and The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning cordially invite - Faculty of SQU - to participate in the “Teaching Highlights” event, to be held between, 11-13 February 2020  , from 9 am to 1 pm. Teaching HIghlights is an interactive event where faculty members come together to share best practices, innovative teaching methods, and initiatives that are taking place across the University to create a better learning experience for students. If you want to share with us your teaching experience, which you have found to be effective and engaging, please register via this link: (Application Form).

Submissions are welcome in these themes:

  • Innovative Use of Technology
  • Scholarship and Teaching (SOLT) / Classroom based Research
  • Active learning
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Teaching Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and/or Critical Thinking
  • Student Engagement and Peer Assessment
  • Learning Spaces


Others Important Dates:

  • Event Date: Tuesday, February 11-13, 2020


Criteria for Review:

The Teaching practice demonstrates the following:

  • An innovative teaching and learning method
  • Engages Students
  • Maximizes Student Learning


For more inormation on the event, please contact us via rmo@squ.edu.om or call RMO at Ext 3051, 3052.

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